La càrrega. Barcelona, 1902 - Ramon CasasThe charge. Barcelone, 1902 - R. Casas
I'm writing this on Monday, October 2nd. I had a half-written post for this week, talking about Schubert, but I put in on the shelf. It's not easy to get the brutal images of yesterday out of my mind and to focus on something else. I wasn't even able to bring myself to join a few words as a plan B and I thought that, for the first time in more than five years, I couldn't post. Until the words of a friend came to help me; When I wrote to her last night, she suggested me listening to Florian Boesch (we both love him) in case I couldn't fall asleep, and this morning she told me I needed some time. Yes, I guess we all need some time. So, here's the warm voice of Boesch, accompanied by Roger Vignoles. Thanks to the friends that were with me yesterday from so many distant places (I was moved to tears by those messages saying "please let me know when you're safe at home") and my best wishes to those who were injured by the Spanish police. To heal bodies and souls, Schubert and Schiller. See you next week.

PS1 This time I didn't think of any painting to illustrate the post, Harte con hache chose the best option. Please visit her blog if you want to know more about "The charge. Barcelona, 1902"

PS2 The journalists Albert Cuesta, Germà Capdevila, Toni Piqué and the group Col·lectiu Emma are keeping this page with international news reports about Catalonia, just in case you need more information.
Die Götter Griechenlands
Schöne Welt, wo bist du? Kehre wieder
Holdes Blüthenalter der Natur!
Ach, nur in dem Feenland der Lieder
Lebt noch deine fabelhafte Spur.
Ausgestorben trauert das Gefilde,
Keine Gottheit zeigt sich meinem Blick,
Ach, von jenem lebenwarmen Bilde
Blieb der Schatten nur zurück.
Fair world, where are you? Turn back again,
sweet blossom-age of nature!
Alas, only in the fairyland of song
lives still your fabulous trace.
Deserted mourn the fields,
no god appears before my eyes.
Alas, of that life-warm image
only its shadow remains.

(translation by Emily Ezust)


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