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Have you seen how many children we’ve got today? They have come to celebrate with us the Twelfth Night. In each one of these eleven pictures, there is a boy or a girl who visited this blog before, as adults, to bring their music. Can you guess who they are? I think most of them are quite recognizable but, of course, I've got some insider info. So, just in case, I’ll give you some clues.

Before the clues though, a few remarks on those two pictures that may confuse you: in picture no. 1 there is a mother with her girl and her boy, we're interested in the boy. In picture no. 11, there are two children, ours is the one on the right; the one on the left is also a musician and he is the one who tweeted this picture.
  • Clue 1: Among these children, there are two composers, two sopranos, three tenors, three baritones and a countertenor. You can use the blog labels (remember they are on the right column) to verify the details and refresh your memory! I’m sorry I wasn't able to find any pictures of poets or pianists.
  • Clue 2: The countertenor is easy to find because he's the most popular among the five countertenors that we’ve already heard. Also, the child and the adult look very alike.
  • Clue 3:The two composers have had a special presence in this blog for the last two years and one of them visited us once being still a child.
  • Clue 4:The two girls, that's to say, the two sopranos, don't usually sing song and we listened to them only once. However, both are pretty well known by any opera fan.
  • Clue 5:The same thing happens with one of the tenors: he's an occasional song singer but, as an opera singer, he is well known by pretty much everybody, opera fan or not.
  • Clue 6:The other two tenors often visit this blog; I like both very much but one of them has a special treatment. You'll recognize the two adults looking at their child eyes.
  • Clue 7:Here we go with the three baritones. Twenty-three of them have sung in this blog but don't make it difficult for yourself; just think about the two more common, to begin with. The problem is that the two children are probably the most difficult ones to identify in these pictures. The time of his picture will help you to find one. The other one is more recognizable by his expression than by his features. Actually, he’s got the same look than when he was a child.
  • Clue 8: The third baritone sang two or three times in the blog and he's just as friendly now as in the picture; his smile is unmistakable.
How is it going? Have you been able to identify the children? Share your findings with us and we’ll work it out together.

To illustrate the post we have a mélodie by Gabriel Fauré, Noël, which talks about the Adoration of the Kings. The poem is by Victor Wilder and the performers are John Mark Ainsley and Graham Johnson.

I wish you a happy new year, full of good music!

La nuit descend du haut des cieux,
Le givre au toit suspend ses franges.
Et, dans les airs, le vol des anges
Éveille un bruit mystérieux.

L'étoile qui guidait les mages,
S'arrête enfin dans les nuages,
Et fait briller un nimbe d'or
Sur la chaumiére où Jésus dort.

Alors, ouvrant ses yeux divins,
L'enfant couché, dans l'humble crèche,
De son berceau de paille fraîche,
Sourit aux nobles pélérins.

Eux, s'inclinant, lui disent: Sire,
Reçois l'encens, l'or et la myrrhe,
Et laisse-nous, ô doux Jésus,
Baiser le bout de tes pieds nus.

Comme eux, ô peuple, incline-toi,
Imite leur pieux exemple,
Car cette étable, c'est un temple,
Et cet enfant sera ton roi!

The night descends from the top of the skies,
The white frost on the roof suspends its fringes.
And, in the sky, the flight of the angels
Awakes a mysterious noise.

The star which guided the magi,
Stops finally in the clouds,
And shines a golden nimbus
Round the cottage where Jesus sleeps.

Then, opening its divine eyes,
The reclining child in the humble crib,
A cradle of fresh straw,
Smiles to noble the pilgrims.

They, being inclined, say to him: Lord,
Receive this incense, gold and the myrrh,
And let us, oh gentle Jesus,
Kiss the end of your naked feet.

See how they, oh people, are inclined,
Follow their pious example,
Because this cattle shed, it is a temple,
And this child will be your king!

(translation © M. Ryan Taylor)

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Comments (9)

  • Alicia

    A ver, el 2 es el contratenor (qué rico), el 3 un compositor británico maravilloso que tenía exactamente la misma cara de mayor, la 5 cantaba unos Mozart estupendos en los 80, con el 9 me iría a tomar unas cañas sin dudarlo y el 11 lo sé porque ya pusiste la foto hace tiempo en FB, no porque le haya reconocido.

    Tengo dudas con la 6, ¿es española, por casualidad?, y con el 7 (¿murió jovencito?). 1, 4, 8 y 10 ni idea

  • Sílvia

    Vas muy bien, Alicia.

    La 6, sí; el 7, no, pero si piensas en quien creo que piensas, sigue buscando, que está.

    No puede ser que no reconozcas al nene 4!

  • Alicia

    Vale, entonces es el 4 el que murió jovencito, la 6 ha tenido algunos problemillas fiscales recientemente y el 1, 7, 8 y 10 ni idea

  • Alicia

    Recitifico, ya sé quién es el 7, no recordaba que lo hubieras traído al blog. No sabía solfear y solo cantó en italiano

  • Sílvia

    Esto... el 4 sigue entre nosotros y activo, felizmente, y por muchos años xD La nena 6 y el nene 7, correcto.

    A ver... te faltan un barítono, un tenor y un compositor. Una de las fotos debe de ser de 1870, aproximadamente, poco probable que sea un cantante... no lo reconoces porque todavía no tenía bigote. Al tenor lo estás rondando desde el principio, fijate en los ojos de los niños, y el barítono... es decir Lied y salir su nombre.

  • Sílvia

    A ver, que me lío. Te faltan DOS tenores, ergo el 4 es un tenor :)

  • Alicia

    Jopetas, qué difícil!

    Entonces, el 4 es tenor, el 10 compositor, obviamente, y el 1 y 8 barítonos.... hummmmmmm

  • Alicia

    El 10 puede ser un señor que hizo óperas brutotas y luego otras muy poco brutotas?

    Y el 8 tendría que ser un barítono que cantó mucho lied no, lo siguiente, y que se murió hace poco. Pero no porque lo reconozca, la verdad. El 4 ya está, ositos de gominola. Y el 1 rien de rien...

  • Sílvia


    L'Alicia m'ha fet arribar per una altra via que ja sap qui és el nen de la foto 1, només li faltava el cantant que va morir jove...

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