Schubert Lied: Alinde

Song of the week: Alinde (F. Schubert) - A. Rolfe-Johnson, G. Johnson

Friedrich Rochlitz was a lucky gentleman that didn't need to work to earn a living, so he worked a lot for pleasure, sharing his time between music and literature. With respect to music, he composed some works, he was the librettist of some others and in 1798 he founded in Leipzig the weekly Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung. Regarding literature, his output was so extensive that when he decided to publish his best works, in 1822, he needed six volumes. His curriculum vitae was quite impressive, but today Rochlitz is mostly known as the author of the poems of two lieder by Schubert: Alinde and An die Laute [...]

Elisabeth of Austria

Song of the week: Du bist nicht wie die Blume (A. Fries) - N. Bernsteiner, A. Bushakevitz
Elisabet de Baviera

Long ago in a distant land, a 15-year-old girl lived happily, protected by her parents in the middle of nature. It happened that the emperor met her, and the next day he asked for her hand; a few months later they got married. If this were an old tale, the end would be “and they lived happily ever after”, but in fact, that's just the beginning of the story.

An angel touched him

Song of the week: Wer machte dich so krank | Alte Laute (R. Schumann) - W. Holzmair, I. Cooper
10 Elijah mini

I'm talking lately about Lied with two friends who are just beginning to get interested in the subject. We have gone together to some recitals, they are curious and ask many questions. One of the good things of these conversations is that they pose very naturally questions that we Lied lovers take for granted. One day, I explained to my friend that we often find several songs with the same text and he was really surprised [...]

Rain of tears

Song of the week: Tränenregen (F. Schubert) - M. Goerne, E. Schneider

A boy and a girl are sitting on the banks of the brook, in silence. They look at their reflection and the moon and the stars are their only witnesses. What an idyllic scene! And suddenly the girl says: "The rain comes. Farewell, I am going home". There's something odd in this story. I'm talking about Tränenregen, one of the Lieder from Die schöne Müllerin and, as we know, there are some strange things in this song cycle.

Anacreon's grave

Song of the week: Anakreons Grab (H. Wolf) - C. Prégardien, M. Gees
Kew Gardens

The fascination that German romanticism had for the classical Greek culture was reflected in Lied through the poems that the composers chose. Among the lieder we heard so far, the one that more clearly speaks of this attraction is Die Götter Griechenlands, but we also often found more or less explicit references to mythological characters such as Ganymede or Icarus. The Lied I'm suggesting today, Anakreons Grab (Anacreon's grave) is also linked to Greek culture, but not through imaginary characters but through a real person: Anacreon.

Momento musical (VI)

Cançó de la setmana: Come fill, fill, my good fellow! (L. van Beethoven) - A. Schuen, Borodin Trio
The King Drinks - Jacob Jordaens

My dearest, I had a close relationship with viruses during the last days. The half-written post on my table deserves more attention that I can give so I'll finish it later. That's why today we have a momento musical, my solution in those cases.

Z is for zoo

Song of the week: The monk and his cat (S. Barber) - L. Price, S. Barber
alphabet Eugène Grasset

Ladies and gentlemen, this is pretty much over! Liederabend's alphabet comes to an end. Almost three years after that 'A is for amor', we're reaching letter Z.

As I said when we got to the letter X, finding a word for z has been really difficult... I turned to my dictionary seeking inspiration and on the fourth and last page, when I had almost lost hope, I found a good possible option.

Let beauty awake

Song of the week: Let Beauty Awake (R. Vaughan Williams) - G. Finley, S. Ralls

The letter D of my Liederabend's alphabet was for Dichterliebe and cycles, in general. I talked about how difficult is to define a cycle and gave some examples; today I'm expanding on my collection of complicated stories with the strange case of the cycle composed as a cycle, premiered as a cycle and vanished as such for fifty years.


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