Song of the week: Le secret (G. Fauré) - S. Keenlyside, C. Dowdle
Schmuggler unter_einer alten Eiche bei Mondaufgang - Eduard_ Leonhardi

This blog began in February 2012 with a Lied by Schubert (of course), and after Strauss, Schumann, Duparc, Mahler and Vaughan Williams, we heard Fauré in April. I've never planned the contents in chronological order or any kind of order, I leave that for my courses; They are songs who usually asked me to be shared, and those first posts mostly respond to the request of songs so often heard. We've heard six more works by Gabriel Fauré so far, and while preparing this article in which we're listening to the eight one, I realized that I haven't talked yet about his importance as a composer of mélodie. Maybe it's time to write some lines about because Fauré is a central [...]

Song of the week: Der Gang zum Liebchen (J. Brahms) - H. Prey, L. Hokanson
lluna plena

This article will be posted the first week of September, but I am writing during the Schubertíada, with my mind full of music, thougts and emotions. After so many months without live music (except for two concerts at the Palau de la Música, happily enough), the immersion has caused me a strong emotional impact, a smile from ear to ear under the face mask, tears wiped by the same mask and a immense satisfaction from realizing that the joy, even the euphoria, is shared. I would say that Vilabertran is being the scene of a collective catharsis.

Song of the week: Bitten (L. van Beethoven) - M. Goerne, J. Lisiecki
Praying hands - Dürer

For music lovers, the year 2020 should had been Beethoven year, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the composer. Every concert hall had its "Beethoven programme" and it was even discussed if we were paying too much attention to him. How were we supposed to know that 2020 would be the year that the concert halls closed their doors!

Song of the week: Ging heut morgen übers Feld (G. Mahler) - T. Hampson, D. Lutz
Bluebonnet Scene - Robert Julian Onderdonk

To follow the career of a singer from its early years is exciting, we’ve talked about it before; it means watching how he chooses the repertoire, how his voice evolves, how he keeps learning, the way he runs his career... This follow-up is usually done in small groups, until one day his name begins to often appear in the media and his music is widely spread. That's the time of showing off; we really like saying things such as “I heard him in his debut” or “I told you that he was good”. Well, let's anticipate the moment, because Deutsche Grammophon announced a new artist some [...]

Song of the week: Danksagung an den Bach (F. Schubert) - F. Boesch, M. Martineau
Le roisseau - Paul Cézanne

The Schubertíada begins in a week and I'm starting with this post the miniseries about the recitals there. As usual, they'll be shorter posts that intend to be useful to refresh the Lieder performed at the festival.

To begin with, the two first recitals, those of Florian Boesch and Malcolm Martineau on Thursday 20 and Juliane Banse and Wolfram Rieger on Friday 21. The first duo will perform Die schöne Müllerin and the second one, Winterreise.

We talked about the composers...

and about the poets...

They sang...

and were accompanied by...

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