Moon & Sea - Hovhannes Aivazovsky
Moon and sea - H. Aivazovsky
Do you remember when we used to send postcards from our holiday destinations? No matter where we were, either in a faraway and exotic place or just in a village 40 km away from home. We chose a few images of the location and sat in a nice spot to drop a line to our friends. Well, whenever you read this post I will be on holiday and won't have any technical means to write and send you this musical postcard, so I’ll leave it ready and scheduled to be posted on Wednesday, and I'll trust the good working of bits as we used to trust our postmen...

I’ve chosen a beautiful musical clue of the place I’m going to. It doesn't exactly refer to the city but my intention is reaching this sea, so different from our Mediterranean. By the grace of Johannes Brahms and Karl von Lemcke on the one hand and Simon Keenlyside and Malcolm Martineau on the other, we can see on the postcard, called Verzagen (Despondency), a man sitting and gazing across the sea. A sea as hectic as disturbed his soul is. I hope that the landscape will bring him the peace he needs.

And that's all... Next week I'll be back home, and we'll commemorate together the great Fritz Wunderlich, as we do every year. Greetings from ...!

Ich sitz' am Strande der rauschenden See
Und suche dort nach Ruh',
Ich schaue dem Treiben der Wogen
Mit dumpfer Ergebung zu.

Die Wogen rauschen zum Strande hin,
Sie schäumen und vergehn,
Die Wolken, die Winde darüber,
Die kommen und verwehn.

Du ungestümes Herz sei still
Und gib dich doch zur Ruh',
Du sollst mit Winden und Wogen
Dich trösten, - was weinest du?

I sit by the shore of the rushing sea
And there I search for peace;
I look at the drifting waves,
With a dull resignation.

The waves are rushing to the shore,
They foam and vanish again;
The clouds, the winds above,
They come and blow away.

Be still, impetuous heart,
And be resigned in peace,
Let the waves and winds console you;
Why do you weep?


(translation by Emily Ezust)

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