The King Drinks - Jacob Jordaens
El rei beu - J. Jordaens

My dearest, I had a close relationship with viruses during the last days. The half-written post on my table deserves more attention that I can give so I'll finish it later. That's why today we have a momento musical, my solution in those cases.

I talked a few weeks ago about the traditional songs harmonized by Beethoven; I suggest you listen to one more, Come fill, fill, my good fellow!, op. 138/13. The lyrics are by William Smith and the performers are Andrè Schuen and the Boulanger Trio. It's a Scottish drinking song, I heard that whiskey relieves cold symptoms...

Come fill, fill, my good fellow!

Come fill, fill, my good fellow!
Fill high, high, my good Fellow,
And let's be merry and mellow,
And let us have one bottle more.
When warm the heart is flowing,
And bright the fancy glowing,
Oh, shame on the dolt would be going,
Nor tarry for one bottle more!

My Heart, let me but lighten,
And Life, let me but brighten,
And Care, let me but frighten.
He'll fly us with one bottle more!
By day, tho' he confound me,
When friends at night have found me,
There is Paradise around me
But let me have one bottle more!

So now, here's to the Lasses!
See, see, while the toast passes,
How it lights up beaming glasses!
Encore to the Lasses, encore.
We'll toast the welcome greeting
Of hearts in union beating.
And oh! For our next merry meeting,
Huzza! Then for one bottle more!

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