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This week

May 12, 2021


in Bloc

by Sílvia

Song of the week: Das Traumbild (J. Lang) - J. Kobow, C. Garben
Portrait of Cornelia Wetterlein - Joseph Stieler

We think that the networking is a very recent thing, but the thing is that it's something very old. Each of us had someone who gave us a helping hand, and each of us helped someone; so did our parents, and our grandparents, and we can go back as many generations as you want.


Im wunderschönen Monat Mai

Cinco motivos para amar Dichterliebe

¿Cómo abordar una presentación de Dichterliebe, el gran ciclo de Robert Schumann? Podríamos empezar por contar que fue compuesto en una semana, entre el 24 y el 31 de mayo de 1840, justo después de acabar Schumann su Liederkreis sobre poemas de Eichendorff; podríamos hablar de los veinte poemas del…

The wedding dance

Song of the week: Das ist ein Flöten und Geigen (R. Schumann) - S. Keenlyside, M. Martineau / J. Prégardien, E- Le Sage At a slow pace we arrived at the second part of Dichterliebe. Not only because we're listening to the ninth song out of sixteen, but because there…

D is for Dichterliebe

Song of the week: Wenn ich in deine Augen seh' (F. Schumann) - C. Maltman, G. Johnson   Last post of Liederabend's alphabet before the end of the season, D is for Dichterliebe. In fact, it was about to be "C is for cycle", but then C is for contemporary…

R is for Romanticism

Song of the week: Im Rhein, im heiligen Strome (R. Schumann) - T. Quasthoff, R. Szidon   To dedicate the letter R from our Lederabend's alphabet to Romanticism seemed a clear choice, Lied is probably THE Romantic musical genre; I can't think of any other more involved with this period,…

If they knew

Song of the week: Und wüssten's die Blumen (R. Schumann) - M. Peter, H. Deutsch   Schumann did something quite surprising when he composed Dichterliebe: he created his own poetic cycle from a larger work in order to compose his cycle of songs. No one had ever done that before.…

For I saw you in my dreams

Song of the week: Ich grolle nicht (R. Schumann) - S. Keenlyside, M. Martineau   Today, the wunderschönen Monat Mai begins; It's a good day to listen to Dichterliebe, at least from those first notes that are a balm for the soul until the seventh song, which is ours today.…

In the wondrous month of May

Song of the week: Im wunderschönen Monat Mai (R. Schumann) - F. Wunderlich, Hubert Giesesn   The most famous cycle by Schumann, Dichterliebe, begins with those words, Im wunderschönen Monat Mai. Fritz Wunderlich and Hubert Giesen perform this beautiful song.

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