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This week

October 20, 2021

The gondolier

in Bloc

by Sílvia

Song of the week: Gondelfahrer (F. Schubert) - M. Goerne, E. Schneider
Venice by moonlight - Vartan Makhokhian

A few weeks ago, I sent you a musical postcard from where I went on holiday. Like other years, the song was a clue about the place, and this time it was so clear that some of you asked me, when we met or wrote, how did it go in Venice. After posting the article, I thought I could have chosen a less obvious song, a version of Desdemona Willow's Song, for example, just to make you think about the place a bit more...


Fancy a journey?

There, all is naught but order and beauty

Song of the week: L'invitation au voyage (H. Duparc) - J. van Dam, M. Pikulski   About order. L'invitation au voyage by Henri Duparc, performed by Jose van Damm and Maciej Pikulski.


Song of the week: Berg und Burgen schau'n herunter  (R. Schumann) - F. Boesch, M. Martineau   We were taught at school that the Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe, from the Alps to the North Sea; that during the Roman Empire it became one of the…

Sea Voyage

Songs of the week: Wasserfahrt (F. Mendelssohn) - K. Moll, H. Stamm, W. von Grunelius | Ich stand gelehnet an den Mast (F. Mendelssohn) - F. Erb,  J. Erb My dearest, September begins. Welcome back if you went on holiday last weeks, be patient if you (still) didn't go, you…

The land of our desires

Song of the week: Youkali (Kurt Weill) - Barbara Hannigan, Alexandre Tharaud Although most of the Art Song pieces are songs written from poems, there are exceptions in the repertoire, such as songs that became emancipated from a theatre piece. The best-known case is the Romanze aus "Rosamunde", which was…

Journey to an unknown land

Song of the week: Weylas Gesang (H. Wolf) - S. Keenlyside, M. Martineau   It doesn't matter if today is already September 3rd (Wednesday, remember I changed the posting day) and we're opening a new season; I just refuse to believe that summer comes to an end. So I suggest…

A sea shanty

Song of the week: Ten thousand miles away (S. M. Kohn) - W. Liverman, J. King Last week we said goodbye until next year to the students of the Master in Lied of the ESMUC, next week we'll start to talk about the recitals of the Schubertíada and in the…

On wings of song

Song of the week: Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (F. Mendelssohn) - W. Holzmair, A. Wagner Singing that spread its wings, like a bird; wings that give shelter to us and a voice that transports us to paradise. A poet, Heinrich Heine, who suggests idyllic images and a composer, Felix Mendelssohn,…

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