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July 28, 2021

Lied ESMUC | Carme Karr: woman, composer, writer and journalist

in Bloc

by Sílvia

Song of the week: Cançó de tarda  (C. Karr) - M. T. Garrigosa, H. Bergander
Carme Karr

When we search among the Catalan modernist composers, we find great names such as Isaac Albéniz, Josep Anselm Clavé i Camps, Enric Granados, Enric Morera, Felip Pedrell, Eduard Toldrà, Joaquim Serra... without finding a mention to many women composers who were part of that time. This fact has been repeated throughout history, however nowadays we are living an era that is waking up the voices of women that have had an important role and therefore I have decided to contribute [...]



Schubertíada 2021. Programme

Songs of the week: Alles um Liebe (F. Schubert) - K. Konradi, D. Heide If the Schubertíada is programming the three great Schubert's cycles sung by three baritones, I have to start with this, even if it is not the beginning. Three works that I never get tire of listening,…

Schubert Lied – Im Freien

Song of the week: Im Freien (F. Schubert) - S. Hasselhorn, T. Miyazaki I had another post ready for this week, but there was a last minute change due to an unforeseen musical event. Soprano Katharina Konradi should have sung today at L'Auditori, within the Schubert Lied series; it was…

The king of Babylon

Song of the week: Belsatzar (R. Schumann) - K. Krimmel, D. Tchakarova   Thus begins chapter 5 of the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament: with a great feast. Besides the king, of course, the thousand lords, their wives and their concubines drink. And you know how these things…


Song of the week: Berg und Burgen schau'n herunter (R. Schumann) - F. Boesch, M. Martineau We were taught at school that the Rhine is one of the longest rivers in Europe, from the Alps to the North Sea; that during the Roman Empire it became one of the most…

Lux aeterna

Song of the week: Urlicht (G. Mahler) - C. Prégardien, M. Gees The texts from Des Knaben Wunderhorn can explain both a story or the horrors of war; speak ironically about a miracle or expressing a deep spirituality. This is the case with Urlicht. We don't know who wrote it,…

Trends come and go

Song of the week: Lob der Tränen (F. Schubert) - M. Goerne, G. Johnson Trends come and go, tastes change and it can be said about many different things: fashion, food or (alas!) Lied. A good example of a Lied that one day was really fashionable and today is almost…

The prologue to new songs

Song of the week: Pause (F. Schubert) - A. Schuen, D. Heide If Die schöne Müllerin were a film, all the scenes (each scene, one song) would be exterior shot. All but one: Pause. We see the wanderer between fields, in the forest, by the stream, at the foot of…

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