Song of the week: Durch Einsamkeiten (J. Marx) - C. Stotijn, J. Breinl, A. Tamestit
The Oxbow -  Thomas Cole

Joseph Marx, born in Graz (Austria) in 1882, experienced a similar situation to that of so many young people of his time, of decades later and, even, of our time: when a child, it was evident that he was a gifted musician; later, he became an excellent pianist who aspired to be a composer, but his father wanted him to study something more important as law. As many other young person back then and now , he wasted his time in the classroom until he left his career to study Philosophy and Art History; by 1909 [...]

Song of the week: Lerchengesang (J. Brahms) - S. Keenlyside, M. Martineau
Le chant de l'alouette - Jules Breton
I shared last week the first part of a long conversation with baritone Simon Keenlyside, and this week I'm publishing the second (and last) part. The post ist musically illustrated with the Lied he chose, Johannes Brahms's Lerchengesang, with a poem by Karl August Candidus.

Song of the week: Die Sterne (F. Schubert) - S. Keenlyside, J. Drake
Star of the hero 1932 - Nicholas Roerich

Simon Keenlyside was so kind as to accept a four-hands interview with friend Alejandro Martínez in 2013. Nine years later I've had the pleasure of talking with him again about Art Song. I'm sharing his thoughts with my readers, splitting the conversation in two weeks. I hope you'll find it as interesting as I did. Once again, thank you very much, Simon, for your time.


Song of the week: Aus dem hebräischen Gesängen (R. Schumann) - I. Paley, S. Ma. Lademann
Lute Player - Valentin de Boulogne

Is there any internal logic in Myrten that allows this work to be considered as a cycle? I don't have the answer to this question, but at least I can set out some ideas just as an excuse to listen to one of my favourite songs in that cycle. Schumann composed Myrten as a wedding present for his fiancée Clara Wieck. He began to write in February 1840, when the wedding date wasn't chosen yet, and ended the last song in May, still without a wedding date due to Clara's father opposition to that [...]

Song of the week: Alte Liebe (J. Brahms) - C. Morison, M. Martineau
Giacomo Balla - Volo di rondine

I was short of time this week and I had to leave the planned post half done. In such a case, as regular readers know, I propose a momento musical, an article to very briefly present a song. This time I chose it easily by joining two names that were around me.

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