Song of the week: Ona, kak polden, khorosha (S. Rakhmàninov) - A. Bondarenko, I. Burnside
Noon in the Neighbourhood of Moscow - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin

"As fair as day in blaze of noon, as night mysterious." So the poet describes the distant and unattainable loved one in the verses of the song we're listening today. The author is Nikolai Minski, a respected Belarusian poet, also known for his work as a translator of poets such as Byron, Shelley, or Verlaine, or works such as The Iliad. In 1887, Minsky published a cycle of eight poems, From the oriental, the last one of which is As fair as day in blaze of noon.

Song of the week : Vergiftet sind meine Lieder (Liszt) - Nicolai Gedda, Lars Roos / Konrad Jarnot, Alexander Schmalcz / Benjamin Brecher, Robert Koenig

In 1843 Franz Liszt published a collection of six songs including two with poems by Heinrich Heine: Die Loreley and Im Rhein, im schönen Strome. The next year, he published three more Lieder from Heine's verses: Du bist wie eine Blume, Vergiftet sind meine Lieder and Morgen steh' ich auf. Finally, in 1860 he published a compilation of his Lieder [...]

Song of the week: Auf dem Strom (Schubert) - Nikolay Borchev, Kevin Rivard, Wu Han

On 26 March 1828, Franz Schubert gave his only public concert. That's to say, public because the only requirement to attend it was to buy a ticket, as opposed to the private concerts in somebody's house, limited to those people invited by the host (and invitations were much requested if Schubert was expected to play).

Song of the week: Auf dem Flusse (Schubert) - Florian Boesch, Malcolm Martineau

Three Winterreise. Same day. At the same time. In Barcelona. When this article is published, this phenomenon will have just happened. Well, I muss admit it wasn't exactly at the same time but, if everyone was on time, one Gute Nacht and two Das Wirtshaus were heard simultaneously in Barcelona.


Song of the week: Aus meinen großen Schmerzen (Hugo Wolf) - Daniel Norman, Sholto Kynoch
Buch der Lieder

A while ago I wrote an article giving details of the poems from Lyrisches Intermezzo that Schumann chose to compose his Dichterliebe. While I was preparing, I marked in my copy of the Buch der Lieder those poems, and others, that I also identified as musicalized. Earlier, I had marked the six poems of Schubert's Schwanengesang and some other, and a few days ago, when I was preparing the first part of this article, I marked some more.

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