Song of the week: Der Engel (R. Wagner) - C. Prégardien, M. Gees
Der Himmel über Berlin

At Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire), Wim Wenders' film, the angels wander around the city, invisible to everyone but children; they observe the lives of humans, but they can't interfere. Eventually, we know an angel that renounced to its immortality to become a person, and lives between the Berliners.

Song of the week: Kriegers Ahnung (F. Schubert) - F. Boesch, M. Martineau
foc a terra

The soldiers sleep around a campfire. All but one, he can't because of the anxiety before the battle next day. And he's homesick, and remembers happy moments with the woman he loves, and fears, and tries to calm down and get to sleep. He could be any man in any war at any time.

Song of the week: Cançó de tarda  (C. Karr) - M. T. Garrigosa, H. Bergander
Carme Karr

When we search among the Catalan modernist composers, we find great names such as Isaac Albéniz, Josep Anselm Clavé i Camps, Enric Granados, Enric Morera, Felip Pedrell, Eduard Toldrà, Joaquim Serra... without finding a mention to many women composers who were part of that time. This fact has been repeated throughout history, however nowadays we are living an era that is waking up the voices of women that have had an important role and therefore I have decided to contribute [...]

Song of the week: Nun hast du mir den ersten Schmerz getan (R. Schumann) - E. Garanča, M. Martineau
Espera en blue - Mildred Burton

"Nun hast du Mir den resten Schmerz getan" (Now you have caused me the first pain) is the song that ends Schumann's cycle "Frauenliebe und Liebe" (Woman's love and life) Op.42. In it a woman recounts in the first person the moments of a time-slice in her life (from the time she ceases to feel like a child when she discovers love, to the time when she becomes a mother and, finally, is widowed). Because of this, it has been immersed in controversies surrounding the concepts of sexism [...]

Song of the week: O mistress mine (A. Beach) - E. Kirkby, J, Lisney
The Lute Player - Frans Hals

I wanted to write about this song because I think it is a song meant to be a song and that makes me take a point of authenticity that is not always easy to find in the repertoire. The spontaneity and freshness that Shakespeare knew how to find with Feste, I think Beach has been able to find it in the same way with her music. Also, when I have to play it in public, I empathize a lot with the character because in a way I am also doing the same job as the fool.

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