Song of the week: Youkali (Kurt Weill) - Barbara Hannigan, Alexandre Tharaud
Idyll in Tahiti - Paul Gauguin

Although most of the Art Song pieces are songs written from poems, there are exceptions in the repertoire, such as songs that became emancipated from a theatre piece. The best-known case is the Romanze aus "Rosamunde", which was originally part of Schubert's incidental music for the play Rosamunde, Prinzessin von Zypern by Helmina von Chélzy.

Song of the week: Kolibelnaia (M. Weinberg) - O. Kalugina, D. Korostelyov
het voeden van der baby carel jozeph grips

The father of Mieczysław Weinberg arrived in Warsaw fleeing from the pogrom of Kishinev (then in the Russian Empire) in 1905, where his father and grandfather had died. More than thirty years later, Mieczysław was the only survivor of his family; He was able to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto, while his parents and his sister were killed in the Trawniki concentration camp in 1943. He settled in the USSR, where his father-in-law was murdered in 1948 by Stalin's secret police, and he was [...]

Song of the week: Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (F. Mendelssohn) - W. Holzmair, A. Wagner
The Banks of the Ganges - William Daniell

Singing that spread its wings, like a bird; wings that give shelter to us and a voice that transports us to paradise. A poet, Heinrich Heine, who suggests idyllic images and a composer, Felix Mendelssohn, who set them into music.

Song of the week: L'alba sepàra dalla luce l'ombra (P. Tosti) - J. D. Flórez, C. Tenan (dir.)
The Sower - Vincent van Gogh

Can you separate the art from the artist? A few months ago, I listened to a radio program (Musiques empoderades, Catalunya Música) where this matter was discussed. Some guests thought that the work doesn't necessarily reflect the darkest aspects of the creator's life, while others maintained that the work is part of life, and that both are inseparable.

Song of the week: Blondel zu Marien (F. Schubert) - M. Goerne, Ingo Metzmacher
Blondel de Nesle visits King Richard's prison - Joseph Martin Kronheim

Something happened to me this week that had never happened: once the article was written, I realized that I didn't have the lyrics of the song, and I wasn't able to find it anywhere. You're probably thinking that I should have checked the poem before, and you're right; I'm afraid I was overconfident. Mental note: Don't start an article before you're sure you have the poem of the song. The point is, I can't post a song without the lyrics, and here I am [...]

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