What is Liederabend?

A site devoted to Art Song. To Schubert, to Fauré, to Britten, to Mompou, to Henze... to those composers that one day read a poem and thought of writing a song and to performers that survey us what is written on the score.

It all began when I started a a seminar, an introduction to German Art Song explaining who, how, when and why, to bring nearer a genre that is  the Cinderella of Classical Music.

I like to give seminars, to be in touch with other song lovers, to share music with them. But I also like to share across the Network, and that's how my blog Liederabend was born.

What will you find on Liederabend?

Everything related to the Art Song. On the Concert Hall, the song recitals programmed  at the main venues in Europe; on the Library, some books I think are interesting; on Clippings, links to interviews with singers and pianists; on Contributions, articles and reports that I publish in other websites.

And the most important: the Blog. Every week you will find a new post about...  whatever. About a composer or a singer, but also about a novel, a dragon (this usually happens on St George) or how to make a rabbit stew . But always , always there is a song to listen.

Who is behind Liederabend?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sílvia Pujalte. Music lover (of course), telecommunications PhD engineer and teaching at the university for many years. I'm specialized in audio and speech signal processing; you see, it's always about music. Due to my profession, I've been so many years connected to a computer that I can hardly imagine life without bits; due to my incoherence, almost every content you can read on Liederabend is first handwritten.

I will be delighted to read your comments and suggestions on the blog, email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Facebook (www.facebook.com/liederabend) or Twitter (@Liederabend).

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