Song of the week: Zwielicht (R. Schumann) - B. Terfel, M. Martineau
A look into the forest at dawn - Julius von Klever

Among the times of the day most valued by photographers are the blue hour, which is, in the evening, the time between sunset and the dark night or, in the morning, the time between the first light and sunrise. That is, blue hour is an art concept that corresponds to twilight. These two periods are so interesting for photography because the light source, the sun, is below the horizon, but we see its reflection in the atmosphere, a diffuse light with a predominant deep blue colour that tinges everything. If the photographer is in nature, he can take advantage of orange colours on the horizon, because [...]

Song of the week: Peregrina I (H. Wolf) - R. Treckel, O. Pohl
The birth of Venus - Sandro Botticelli

Maria Meyer arrived at Ludwigsburg when a brewer found her senseless on the road and took her home to take care of her; once she recovered she remained as a barmaid. She was a beautiful young woman, everyone talked about her eyes; she was also a good conversationalist and unexpectedly cultured. The young men began to go to the brewery more often than usual, and Eduard Mörike was no exception; he had just arrived at his hometown to spend the Easter holidays and fell in love with Maria. And Maria with him. They were inseparable during Eduard's [...]

Song of the week: Reife (J. Manén) - J. Farré-Llongueras, D. Blanch
Light Coming on the Plains No. III - Georgia O'Keeffe

A few days ago I read the article A la recerca dels llegats musicals perduts, ("In search of lost musical legacies") published by pianist Daniel Blanch on Sonograma Magazine on 29 October, where he explains the difficulties a researcher finds while he's trying to recover a composer's work after his death. There are artists who provide how their legacy should be managed; others, manage it while alive, and some don't stipulate anything and, this case, their heirs are expected to do it. Blanch's article describes a varied number of cases, and he does so in an [...]

Song of the week: Die böse Farbe (F. Schubert) - F. Boesch, M. Martineau
Die böse Farbe

I realized a few days ago that we haven't heard any of Schubert's Lieder since the beginning of the season. You know, I'm planning too little, and that's why things happen so strange that the apple of my eye goes away for three months. I miss him, and he would have been with us again in any case, but it turns out that I had made a note of his name in my blog notebook for this week. Because tomorrow, 19 November, we commemorate 192 years since his death — I plan for little, but I plan —, and I wanted to tell you about Die schöne Müllerin, inspired by the interpretation [...]

Song of the week: Color de novembre (J. Sabatés) - C. Bustamante, J. Sabatés
La barca - Josep Sebastià Pons

Perhaps one day the European Union will decide to do away with the time change. And what's more, they might decide to permanently set the winter-time, which is the most suitable to our biology, even if our social behaviour loves summer-time. To be honest, by that stage I'd be happy if clocks would keep still. No matter at which time. But still. Please. Meanwhile, and according to this lovely tradition, we come abruptly in the darkest weeks of the year the last Sunday in October, and people who began to complain about Autumn and its short evenings in September [...]

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