Song of the week: Die Mainacht (F. Schubert) - M. Goerne, A. Schmalcz
Schubertíada - M. von SchwindNowadays, Schubertiades are festivals devoted to Schubert's music. During his lifetime, they were gatherings held at private homes; we recall them listening to Matthias Goerne and Alexander Schmalcz performing Die Mainacht.
Song of the week: Tom der Reimer (C. Loewe) - D. Fischer-Dieskau, G. Moore
La reina dels elfs - A. von VolborthCarl Loewe was a great composer of ballads. We can listen to Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Gerald Moore performing Tom der Reimer, based on the Scottisch ballad Thomas The Rhymer.
Song of the week: Misalliance (D. Swann, M. Flanders) - C. Maltman, J. Drake
L'escala de l'òpera - K. van DongenWhen the official program ends it's time for the encores. Which songs to choose? Christopher Maltman, Julius Drake and Misalliance.
Song of the week: Der Jüngling an der Quelle (F. Schubert) - J. Kaufmann, H. Deutsch
Madame Récamier - J.U. GuerinSome art songs are like miniatures, their beauty is in the details. Listen carefully to Der Jüngling an der Quelle, a fine Schubert's song performed by Jonas Kaufmann and Helmut Deutsch.
Song of the week: i el seu esguard (E. Toldrà) - M. Mathéu, S. Mas
Rosa blanca amb esperó de cavaller no. 2 - G. O'KeefeEduard Toldrà was probably the first catalan composer of art song. We can hear I el seu esguard (And the look at my eyes) a song from his cycle La rosa als llavis performed by Marta Mathéu and the OBC conducted by Salvador Mas.

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