Song of the week: Das Paradies (W. Henze) - I. Bostridge, J. Drake
Lluna àrabHans Werner Henze, Ian Bostridge and Julius Drake joined by six songs, Sechs Gesänge aus dem Arabischen. We can listen to the last one, Das Paradies.
Song of the week: Erlkönig (F. Schubert / C. Loewe) - G. Finley, J. Drake
Bosc FantasmaA pitch-black forest. A man riding frantically, his little one held tight. Is the boy ill? Is the man seeking help? Is he running away from someone, or something? What are these muffled noises, these eerie half seen silhouettes? The boy is frightened. Is he feeling something or is his feverish imagination playing tricks on him? Gerald Finley and Julius Drake guide us through this terrifying journey...
Song of the week: Abendstern (F. Schubert) - A. Rolfe-Johnson, G. Johnson
SchubertNext Monday is the 184th anniversary of Franz Schubert's death. These are my five reasons to love him, although each of his songs is a good reason. For instance, Abendstern, performed by Anthony Rolfe-Johnson and Graham Johnson.
Song of the week: Oft denk'ich sie sind nur ausgegangen (G Mahler) - K. Ferrier, B. Walter (dir.)
Luise i Ernst RückertThis week we can listen to the unforgettable contralto Kathleen Ferrier singing the fourth song of the Kindertotenlieder by Gustav Mahler, Oft denk'ich sie sind nur ausgegangen.
Song of the week: Snova, kak prejde (P.I. Txaikovski) - G. Nelepp, M. Sakharov
Solitud - G. Paulska

The sadness of loneliness. The last song written by Tchaikovsky, Again, as before, alone performed by Georgy Nelepp and Matvei Sakharov.

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