Song of the week: Die beide Grenadieren (R. Schumann) - B. Terfel, M. Martineau
Pingüins a Mary PoppinsMy friend M. says that at an Art Song recital there are a gentleman at the piano and a singer dressed in a penguin suit that sings songs about lakes, brooks or bunches of flowers, always looking very serious and  on his toes. My friend M. is right.
Song of the week: Ablösung im Sommer (G. Mahler) - C. Gerhaher, G. Huber
El cavaller daurat - G. Klimt
About the third symphony by Mahler and its third movement, developed from his Wunderhorn's song Ablösung im Sommer.

We are listening to the song performed by Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber.
Song of the week: L'invitation au voyage (H. Duparc) - J. van Dam, M. Pikulski
Luxe, calme et volupté - H. MatisseAbout order. L'invitation au voyage by Henri Duparc, performed by Jose van Damm and Maciej Pikulski.
Song of the week: Mondnacht (R. Schumann) - D. Fischer-Dieskau, G. Moore
Blue - W. KandinskyThe Lied we are listening today, Mondnacht, by Schumann, and the one we listened last week, Die Nacht, are very close. If you liked Die Nacht you probably like Mondnacht.
Song of the week: Die Nacht (R. Strauss) - J. Kaufmann, H. Deutsch
Home i dona contemplant la lluna. C.D. FriedrichWhat Art Song is, and what it's not, in a few broad strokes. Our song this week, a exquisite nocturne by Strauss, Die Nacht, performed by Jonas Kaufmann and Helmut Deutsch.

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LIFE Victoria Tardor 2021

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